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Features of Chatwatch that You Will Love to Have

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You have to admit that WhatsApp is becoming one of the mostly used chatting application in the world. However, because of the demand from many people around the world, there are some features from WhatsApp that will block you to check on the activity of someone. You can take your couple for example. That is because if your couple turned on all the privacy setting, you will not be able to check the condition of your couple through the WhatsApp. Fortunately, Chatwatch is coming to help. Yes, this application is the one that will help you to check the condition of someone through his or her WhatsApp activity.

Reading Online History

As one of the biggest chatting applications, all WhatsApp users will surely check their WhatsApp once in a while. Unfortunately, there are some people who turned the online feature off because they do not want to be bothered by … Read More