How to solve household problems because of romanticism in bed?

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When we read the writing with the title as shown in the article, for some people may appear the impression of “percussion”. Though such information is actually very necessary to be discussed and published because not a few people who have household problems where the source comes from the relationship above the bed.

A popular problem is the case of premature ejaculation in men. A recent study suggests that most people’s sexual activity lasts about one and a half to seven minutes. However, Dr. Harry Fisch, author of The New Naked: The Ultimate Sex Education for Grownups book says “45 percent of men just two minutes or less leave their women without orgasms”.

To overcome this problem there are actually some simple things that can be done include:

1.      You can masturbate yourself first before sex

Ejaculation an hour or two before sex with a partner can be a classic long-lasting way for men. With an orgasm first, it can make it harder for a man to ejaculate quickly in the future.

2.      Hold with Kamasutra technique

This long-lasting way, gained by a powerful Kamasutra technique ever since. You just need a hand and less than 30 seconds to do it. Here’s how, when penetration and you start feeling orgasm want to reach the top, pull the penis from the vagina. You can grasp the shaft of your penis, then place the thumb on the bottom of the head of the penis. Gently press gently.

You can also do a touch of sex with the other hand on the body of the couple, for the mood to make love does not go down directly. In fact, you can ask for help couples to hold ejaculation that almost peaked.

3.      Ladies first

Actually, this way is one of the things that can be tricked, so that men and women can be equally mutually satisfied. Especially if you are the type of man whose orgasm is lightning fast aka not durable. You can invite yourself to satisfy women first. Reach the point of stimulation and play the G-spot until he orgasms (women take a long time to orgasm). After that, you just do the penetration to complete your orgasm turn.

4.      Relax and just passive

If the fast orgasm is caused by your power and style that is so attractive, you can take a passive position and take your body as quietly as possible. With such relaxation, you can last longer and let the couple take over the reins. For example, you can make love with a woman on top position.

5.      Continue the second round without women noticing

Calm down, men still have many ways to outsmart early orgasms. If you are an “easy to get out” type, you can continue to have sex without having to tell your partner that you have an orgasm. This can be done during orgasm inside the vagina, or you have sex using a condom.

6.      Viagra Consumption

How long lasting this one you can choose if all of the above can no longer be done? Calm down, does not mean you’re not normal even though you’ve tried. You can use Viagra or other pills to strengthen the endurance in bed. The best, take the right Viagra is accompanied by a doctor’s prescription or you can visit the official website of the seller of the blue pill as on the site Offers Cheap Viagra or Jual Viagra.

Besides some tips above there are still some other tips you can do to not experience premature ejaculation such as:

1.      Kegel exercises

This gymnastics technique was originally intended for postpartum women, to tighten the muscles of the vagina as before. Basically, this exercise is good for women and men. This exercise focuses on pelvic muscles (pubococcygeus) to feel tight. The benefits of Kegel exercises in men is to train the penis and the rest become more controllable. The pelvic floor muscles that cover the penis and bladder will be healthier thanks to Kegel exercises, as well as allow for more long-lasting orgasms.

Kegel exercises will help you have a firmer orgasm and last longer thanks to improved blood flow in the penis area. Keep in mind, this gymnastics goal to strengthen the muscles of the penis, and train delay orgasm at an unwanted time. This exercise helps control your ability when going to orgasm and gives you greater sexual stamina

2.      Stop and start

This exercise is a good idea to discuss with a female partner in order to maintain the sexual mood. How, when penetration and you feel like an orgasm, pull your penis from the vagina, then grip the head of the penis, not too soft and not too tight. After that press, the head of the penis to the left using your thumb. If you have felt the flow of sperm begin to slow down, hold it for a while, then you can resume pending penetration again.

In once sexual intercourse, try to practice this technique 2-4 times until the time you want an orgasm. Invite your partner to participate in this technique, to achieve mutual sexual satisfaction.

3.      Squeezing

This method is not too much different from the stop and starts the technique above. All you need to do is when you begin to feel an orgasm, pull the penis from the vagina, ask your partner for help with his penis. Once gripped, position your thumb covering the hole where the sperm comes out, give a little squeeze on your penis shaft. You can also gently squeeze the lower penis at regular intervals until your orgasmic desire decreases. Train and repeat to make your sexual activity more fun.

4.      Breathing exercises

This is generally not a physical way, but your thoughts and feelings. Somewhat difficult and heavy if done. Breathing is the key to controlling your entire body. At the time of penetrating the penis into the vaginal opening and you begin to feel an orgasm, start the tempo by slowly beating your hips. Divert your mind from the existing stimuli, do the breath 3-4 times the blast. Keep switching your mind until it seems sperm flow began to decline.

Once you can control your body, please continue your sexual penetration at a faster tempo. Begin searching again your partner’s stimulation to arouse passion. Do it over and over, until the desired orgasm time arrives.

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