3 Tips to Help You Prepare for an Enjoyable First Date

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When it comes to dating in the modern social world, it’s complexities galore! Whether it’s reading body language, the tone of voice, facial expressions, it can all be too much! Then, of course, you add in social networks, text messages, and the always feared read message notifications that you now have to deal with.

All of this together makes for one bumpy ride in your search for finding the one. And while there isn’t an article which can tell you where to find the one or how to make them yours, there are some simple, yet often forgotten, tips which you can utilize to make your first date a positive one.

Take Your Time to Prepare

People often say that the worst thing that you can do on a first date is to arrive late. However, I don’t believe this is true. I believe that the worst thing that you can do on a first date is to arrive without being prepared. After all, if you aren’t prepared then the person isn’t actually on a date with the real you. They are just getting a disheveled version.

For this reason, make sure that you plan a sufficient amount of time to prepare yourself for the occasion. Try not to plan first dates immediately after you finish work as this gives you little time to change from your work self into your personable self.

Dress for the Occasion

Some people say that you should dress up for every first date. And while I agree to a degree, it isn’t entirely true. After all, do you really want to wear a tux to the movies? Instead, give some serious thought to where you will be going on the date, the environments you will be in, and the weather. Use this information to make the decision on the style of outfit you are going to wear, and then let your creative side take over with a visit to the Groupon Coupons page for Lord & Taylor.

Enjoy Yourself!

Have you ever gone on a date thinking that it wasn’t going to work and that you were wasting your time? As you can imagine, this just set yourself up for disaster. Even if you aren’t entirely sure that the person is going to be a good match, consider that the worst case scenario is that you make a new friend.

With this in mind, instead of assessing the person for their suitability the entire time, sit back and enjoy a positive experience with somebody, be it seeing a new movie, talking about a common interest in a book, or even about future travel plans and ideas.

When it comes to a first date there is little that you can do to reduce your nerves. So, instead, embrace your nerves and take them to a place which makes you excited, instead of anxious. After all, it’s just like the last tip mentioned, the worst thing that can happen is that you make a new friend!